We want to ensure your best experience possible, from sourcing, production and to you! Our hair consistency has garnered us not only repeat customers, but Luxe Loyalists!


Our hair is sourced directly from our factories in India and Southeast Asia, who have a long-standing reputation for ethically sourcing quality human hair. All hair is sold or exchanged freely and fairly.

Luxe Hair Central only carries 100% human hair. We never sacrifice quality over cost, so be ensured our hair is free of fillers, silicone, synthetic or animal fibers & have not been chemically altered in anyway. All of our hair is single cut, premium virgin remy, which allows for the cuticles to remain intact and are unidirectional- this is important to combat against tangling, matting or shedding.

Not all manufacturers will source from single donors, and will instead increase their own profit margins by sourcing “fallen” hair. This is hair that is found in hair brushes and on salon floors. It is low quality as the hair is not remy, and its origin cannot be known for sure. Some manufacturers are even known to mix fallen hair with synthetic hair.

The Luxe Standard

Our hair extensions are sourced 100% from single donors. After cleansing, it is inspected many times to ensure the best possible quality control. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands. Then the hair is shipped to our warehouse, reinspected by hand and shipped directly to you!

Our Factory Partner

Our factory partner brings nearly three decades of expertise in the hair industry.

Most importantly, our suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for employees by implementing systems to detect and avoid possible hazards.

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