When you are thinking about getting yourself hair extensions or a wig, what type should you buy? While synthetic hair probably has the edge for a fun new look and is always more cost effective; for a natural look, you are far better off with human hair. It might cost rather more, but buying Remy virgin human hair will bring lots of advantages and longevity.

Remy hair has not lost its cuticle layer, and it all flows naturally in the same direction. If it’s not Remy, it could have a synthetic coating which will not give the hair the protection of the natural cuticle. Virgin hair has never been treated with chemicals, so the color, texture and amount of curl or wave is completely natural. If it’s not virgin, it could have been dyed prior to you buying it. Once you have purchased Remy virgin hair, you can treat it as you wish; washing, dying, straightening or curling will not harm it any more than it would your own natural hair.

Human hair won’t be as heavy as synthetic hair, so it will be more comfortable to wear and will appear more natural when the wind is blowing through it. The cuticle will maintain its condition and shine, and its natural color will never fade. Synthetic hair is covered with silicone which will wear off over time, leaving the hair feeling rougher and making it much more prone to tangling. Its color will also fade as the months go by.

Types of Human Hair

Hair for extensions and wigs is categorized by country of origin as well as quality. The most popular types are Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and European.

Asian hair is always dark and thick. Hair from India often has a soft wave, while hair from Malaysia will be straight, but softer and silkier.

Hair from Brazil is also soft, thick and wavy. The difference lies in the multiplicity of colors and shades you can get from this area of the world.

European hair has the greatest variety of colors and textures. Usually originating from Italy or Russia, this hair can be found in all shades of blonde, brunette or redhead. It can also be straight, wavy or curly.

Wearing a Wig or Closure

People choose to wear wigs (u part, lace closures and frontals) for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to cover hair loss following a medical problem. Some women just want to ring the changes and look different for special occasions or on different days of the week and use it for protective styling. Others keep a wig on hand for those inevitable bad hair days that happen from time to time!

Making a Difference in the World

When you purchase a human hair wig or extensions, it’s not just you that benefits. You are increasing the demand for human hair. That means that hair buyers will continue to trawl the poorest villages in countries where women supplement the family income by selling their long, healthy virgin hair.

It could mean that some children’s hungry bellies will be filled. That’s as good a reason as any to buy human hair for your wig or extensions. You simply support a cause!