Education is crucial for properly maintaining hair extensions. Once natural hair is cut from a donor’s head, it stops receiving much-needed nutrients that nourish and keeps the hair soft, shiny & tangle-free.

Preventing Hair Shedding:

Excessive shedding occurs when the wefts are cut.  Vigorous brushing and combing can contribute to loosen hair from the weft area. That is why we stress the importance of sealing the wefts and not cutting through the wefts.

Washing your Luxe hair
-Comb through and detangle prior to washing
-Wash hair in a downward motion being certain not to bunch hair together
-After wash hair in conditioner and leave on for at least 5 mins
-Comb through hair from ends to root
-Lastly, rinse hair with cool water to help lock in moisture and nutrients
-Let hair air dry if possible (do not towel rub)
-If time is an issue, gently blow dry hair

Many factors can contribute to dryness: oil & dirt build-up, dying hair multiple times, salt-water, chlorine, and etc.  Chlorine and salt water will affect the hair as it does our natural hair so it is important to shampoo and condition immediately after such activities.

Recommended products:

Almond & Coconut oil are great to use to lock in moisture
Argan oil & Olive oil is great for combating frizzies and controlling dryness